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At our center, we want to make sure parents, friends & families of those with learning differences have as many resources as possible. Therefore, on this page are links to a few of the movies & books to guide people. We have many of these for temporary loan. Please see our director or administrative assistant to check them out. Otherwise, feel free to ask your local library to carry them if they don't already.

You Tube Videos About Dys​lexia

Books (click on title)

Roots of Phonics

TheRunaway Learning Machine: Growing Up Dyslexic

The ABC's and All Their Tricks

Road to the Code

Adventure of English

Raising Resilient Children

Improving Reading Comprehension

Working with Second Language Learners

Dyslexia: Theory & Practice of Remedial Instruction

Helping Your Dyslexia Child

Stories of English

The Dyslexic Advantage: Unlocking the Hidden Potential of the Dyslexic Brain

Love and Logic Solutions

Teaching with Love and Logic

Secret Life of the Dyslexic Child

The Gillingham Manual

The Pretenders

Straight Talk About Reading

Driven to Distraction

Answers to Distraction

Unlocking Literacy

Dyslexia -- Samual Orton and His Legacy

To Read or Not to Read

English Isn't Crazy

It's So Much Work to be Your Friend

A Mind at a Time

The Myth of Laziness

Everything Parent's Guide to Children with Dyslexia

Learning Disabilities and Challenging Behaviors

The Story of English

Help for Dyslexic Children

Speech to Print

Basic Facts About Dyslexia and Other Reading Problems

Your Struggling Child

Copy This!

Reading, Writing, and Speech Problems in Children and Selected Papers

The Reality of Dyslexia

Understanding Girls with ADHD

Between the Lions Book for Parents

Many Faces of Dyslexia

When Writing's a Problem

Dyslexia Checklist

My Dyslexia

Overcoming Dyslexia

The Misunderstood Child

You Don't Have to be Dyslexic

One Word at a Time

Eats, Shoots and Leaves

A Language Yardstick

About Dyslexia

Clear & Lively Writing

Words Fail Me

Liberate Your Child's Learning Patterns

Smart Kids with School Problems

Reading David

Dyslexia, Fluency and the Brain

Proust and the Squid

Beginning to Read: Thinking and Learning About Print